History. Everyone has a story & this is how our fairytale began…

 “I have always loved animals. I was fortunate enough to grow up with my family on a dairy farm, surrounded by all sorts of animals. After school I completed 4 years of Animals Technology and then started a family of my own.

As my Children grew, I loved watching them interact with the pets we had. Rachael, trying to teach ducklings how to swim (not so successful), their excitement of watching the chickens hatching, baby lambs feeding from their mother and bucket reared calves sucking on their fingers.

One of my friends started Animals On The Move and came to our farm for the baby animals. Becoming pregnant soon after, she sold it to a local lady who also came to us for her animals. After a short time she decided to sell, due to a bad back. By this stage, my children were all at school and I decided it would be the perfect job for me. I already had the animals, a whole bunch of helpers (some more willing than others) and I would be able to share my love of animals with others and continue seeing the looks of excitement and awe on children’s faces.

We brought the business for $1600, which was the price of the fencing used to display the animals, then purchased an old wooden horse float (to be towed by the family car). We then sat by the phone waiting for the customers to find us and waited and waited…

That was in 1995. Since then we have learned a lot about how and where to advertise. The business has grown considerably. We have added more mobile farms as well as other animal based businesses including pony rides, cow milking, chicken hatching, rabbit rearing, bush babies and the mini pet parties.

My children are all grown up and involved in running the office, developing new ideas and perfecting old ones. They have developed great customer skills and become very business savvy through their involvement.

Franchising is a new chapter in our business. We would like to share with others, how to run a successful business themselves, by mentoring them through the systems we have developed over many years.

In 1995, we had to wait by the phone for customers to call. Now, with the franchise model we can help you get your business up and running in no time. We can take the calls and run the office, while you can do what you enjoy doing – spending time with animals and children.” Leonie Woodham (Owner)