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Mini Pets introduce children to distinctive animal features, how to interact with animals in an appropriate way, the importance of responsible pet ownership and the 5 Animal Freedoms.

Our Mini Pet petting zoo is versatile by being suitable for both the young ( a favourite in Child Care Centres and home birthday parties) and old (great for Pet Therapy at Aged Care facilities) with minimal space required for the set up, which makes it great for any type of event. With an educational or therapeutic focus or to entertain for a family fun event, the Mini Pets offers an affordable animal encounter for all ages to share and enjoy.

      • Learn about the 5 animal freedomsmini_pets
The importance of responsible pet ownership
      • Animal features
      • How to appropriately interact with animals


We share our knowledge of each animals distinctive features, their roles in the community, discuss the 5 animal freedoms and show how to handle and care for a pet.

Mini Pet Animals include:

Our Mini Pets Petting Zoo offers 15-20 cute little baby Mini Pets, a combination of baby Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chickens.


What We Bring


      • Approx 15 animals
Food to feed the animals
      • Water Bowls
Picnic mat to sit children on-if required
      • Hand towels to sit pets on-if required
      • Waste Bucket – for cleaning up after animals
      • Shade tent (3mX3m) – if required
      • Tarp – for outdoor set ups
Enclosure 1m X 1m


    1 hour
    (twilight session/time extension optional) Session Times are flexible
  • *travel charges may apply

    We bring the animals to you!

Mini Pets & Early Learning

Our focus on Science Foundations & complimenting the Australia School Curriculum.

Mini Pets Objective: To teach children how to handle small animals and promote a caring attitude towards all creatures.

Biological Science
Our chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs each have their own distinctive external features which we discuss
Natural & Development of Science
The Mini Pets selection of cute & cuddly rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens are young and able to be handled by all ages. Children can explore and observe the baby animals using their senses.
Physical Science
From chickens to guinea pigs children can see the way each animal moves, which is influenced by the animals size and shape.
Use & Influence Of Science
We discuss the 5 animal freedoms to create awareness of animal welfare.

We encourage children to communicate their observations and ideas in a variety of ways through oral discussion and direct animal interaction. We ask thought provoking questions and have plenty of activity sheets available from our website you are welcome to download & print out prior to our visit.


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Educating with the
Mini Pets Experience

Our focus on Science Foundations & complimenting the Australia School Curriculum

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Did you know?

Pets and animals have been proven to bring smiles to the elderly, sick, injured and people with disabilities.
The Team- Animals On The Move

What age group best suits the Mini Pets

Preschool, Kindergarten, Child Care & Primary School Education from Foundation to Year 2. But!
The information & interaction can be enjoyed by all ages.


Little kids (as well as the grownups!) love the chance to cuddle and feed their favorite animals! We offer young children the chance to finally meet the stars of their favorite books and TV shows, whilst teaching them about the animals and why we need them in our lives
Primary school children will love the opportunity to get up close and personal with all our friendly animals! The program fits in perfectly with the school curriculum, and can be a great teaching aid. Allowing the children to be interactive helps to develop their interest in animals, and this can be translated well to the classroom. Why not combine the Mini Pets with the Farmyard or Bush Babies for the perfect educational experience? For programs on life cycles visit our Rabbit Rearing or Chicken Hatching web page.

Our Mini Pets are perfect for small classrooms and groups. Our engaging approach to learning will ensure that it is a class to remember! Our staff can teach the students about the unique features of all the animals. Why not combine the Mini Pets with the Farmyard or Bush Babies for the perfect educational experience?

Why not invite all your friends to a Mini Pet party?

Our farmers for the day can help your children with cuddling and feeding the animals, we can take the stress out of your child’s big day!

We offer Animals on the Move party party invitations and activity sheets, available for free in the ‘downloads’ section of our website.  You can even purchase themed Party hats, Paper plates, Paper cups, Party blowers and lolly bags (order over the phone).

We offer the whole experience, you can even play our “Pin the Tail on the Piggy” game!

The Mini Pets can be a fun experience for all ages, and is guaranteed to leave people talking about your event!

The Mini Pets can offer a great experience for the elderly. Whether it’s reliving their childhood or doing something new, the farmyard is always a hit. Our farmyard can also be used as a form of pet therapy, allowing the elderly to maintain their dexterity.

If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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Learn about the 5 animal freedoms and enjoy the company of Mini Pets .

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Having a party? Celebrate, educate & enjoy time with our Mini Pets

Children love interacting with animals and the Mini Pets are great for little ones to learn how to handle animals with care.

Want an extra special experience? Combine animal encounters! Invite the Mini Pets with the Milking Demonstration, Bush Babies or Farmyard and more! Please contact us for more details.

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Please remember when you are planning your event we require:please_note

1. Close access to set-up area (no more than 30m distance from our vehicle)
2. Clear access from our vehicle to set-up area (no obstacles, stairs, lifts, steep slopes, etc)
3. For safety reasons we appreciate assistance in keeping curious onlookers at a safe distance until set-up is complete.
4. Access to water for the animals.