Have looked into animal jobs? Are you looking for something you can get excited about?

Can you see yourself working with animals?

They can be pretty hard to get into, so many people would like animal employment.  What about kick starting your animal carer by starting you own animal business?  You can be your own boss and work in the animal industry doing what you love, working with animals. 

Animals on the move have animal businesses for sale, complete with training manuals, training videos, operations manuals. We can even take customer bookings for you!

Animals on the Move Farmyard Business
For Sale

Animals On The Moves is a Mobile Animal Farmyard Nursery.

 We provide Animal Learning experiences at our client’s premises.  Our focus is to increase children’s appreciation and awareness of animals.
I want to sell YOU part of Victoria’s leading educational animal business.  Franchising is hard I know, they are pretty expensive to buy into and it’s never really your business is it? There are so many rules and policies, someone is always going to be checking up on you to make sure you are doing everything the “right” way.

Would you prefer a business that is totally yours to run how you want, with bookings already? But still has information and advice, guidelines, checklists and templates for you to follow so you can see how it has already successfully been done by someone previously. 

Animals on the Move are offering a farm yard package for sale.  

Everything you need to start today! A vehicle, animals and even future bookings along with the chance to use our booking team that allows you to focus on the important parts of the job, we will even include booking for our mobile farm.

For more info call 1300 760 354 or email business@animalsonthemove.com.au 



To run this business you need;

• Some land, preferably where your house is
• Some appropriate shedding
• A love for animals
• A love of children
• To be fit and healthy
• Passion and drive
Could this offer get any better?  We provide you with everything you need to start from training and advice to the full van set out.  

Email me: business@animalsonthemove.com.au
Good luck with your search. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.